Welcome to Basic Education Africa (BEAfrica).

Basic Education Africa  is a Non-Profit organisation limited by guarantee. The main aim of the organisation is to work towards advocating for and ensuring that every child across sub-Saharan Africa is enabled to have access to quality basic education as set out in the UN Millennium Development Goals and stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child.

Our Aims and Objectives
  • To advocate for every boy and girl to complete basic education in furtherance of the achievement of the UN Millennium Development.

  • To develop campaigns and awareness programmes about the importance of quality basic education and increase access to basic education through seminars, workshops, concerts, e-platforms, etc.

  • To work to ensure that basic education policies are being effected across different states in the country.

  • To use existing research and commission research to provide continuous statistical data on basic education in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • To develop, manage and implement research-led educational projects such as teacher training programmes, scholarship schemes, etc.



BEAfrica works to significantly contribute to the advancement of Universal Basic Education across sub-Saharan Africa, to highlight key issues that currently exist as barriers to children in Africa accessing quality basic education and to work to proffer solutions to these problems through projects and direct intervention programs.

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